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Where is Rail industry talent movement taking place?

Nearly 1,200 project and engineering professionals in Europe have moved roles across the Rail industry in the last 90 days!

We give you a breakdown of where, who and the projects that could be driving this movement. 

The top countries for hiring into the Rail industry in the last 3 months

  1. UK 
  2. France
  3. Italy
  4. Germany
  5. Spain

The large players hiring recently (5,000+ employees)

  1. Network Rail - Owners and operators of the railway infrastructure in England, Wales & Scotland

Key current Projects include

  • Edinburgh - Glasgow improvement programme (EGIP)

  • Crossrail - Elizabeth line introduction allowing 1.5million more people to get to Central London within 45 minutes

  • Great North Rail Project - designed to stimulate economic growth in the North of England by improving connections between towns and cities 

  1. RATP - Originally responsible for Paris public transport systems RATP now has operations in 14 other countries

Key current Projects include

  • Gest - Development of Florence city tramway network                                               

  • RER A - upgrade for Europes busiest train line based in Paris 

3. Bombardier - One of the worlds largest rail vehicle & equipment manufacturers

Key current projects include

  • AGC Regional Train - French regional trains which include first Hybrid model

  • AVE S-130 - development of upgraded high speed stock in Spain 

The companies who’ve been aggressively hiring that have less than 5,000 employees

  1. Hitachi Rail Europe - total railway system supplier offering rolling stock, traction equipment, signalling, traffic management systems and maintenance centres.

Key current projects include

  • Class 385 - 70 new trains for ScotRail franchise

  • AT300 - delivering 29 new trains for the West of England

  1. HS2 - development of UK high speed network to connect North & South faster, civics design work commenced last year, civil construction work will commence in early 2019

  1. Bane Nor - Responsible for the Norway national railway infrastructure

Key current projects include

  • The follo line project - largest transport project in Norway which includes countries longest railway tunnel (20km)

  • Vestfold Line - reduction of travel times and increased capacity on lines connecting city and towns

  1. Ansaldo - Italian subsidiary of Hitachi Group specialising in railway signalling

Key current projects include

  • U2  / U5 - development of underground network in Austria

  • Naples-Afragola High Speed station - new high speed train station to connect to Rome\

  1. Talgo - Spanish manufacturer of High speed trains

Key current projects include

  • Series 7 - conversion of 13 trains into high speed units.

  • Talgo Avril - Renfe orders 15 of this high stock model