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Who are Talascend International? 

Talascend International are an established recruitment agency based in the UK, working across the Life Sciences, Legal, Rail, Infrastructure, Energy and Power sectors. 

Our expert recruitment consultants have been working closely with clients to build both contract and permanent workforces for over 20 years.

Our team recruit for projects in the UK, as well as projects on an international scale across Europe, Abu Dhabi and India. 

To speak to our team about your recruitment, or other hiring needs you can contact us on enquiries@talascendint.com or you can call on +44 (0)161 507 8370. 

Areas We Specialise In

Candidate Testimonials

  • Testimonial 1 

    "The service was excellent, very professional and always available for support when required. Chris was always available if I had any questions and was in regular contact with all relevant updates.

    Chris was also always on hand with advice or support for interviews, presentations and advice with handling my notice period. The support from Talascend was excellent, very professional and informative with support for all aspects of the recruitment process from start to finish."

  • Testimonial 2

    “Ryan has been really helpful and found me a suitable place where I can further my legal career. He understands my concerns and background well and got me exactly what I'm looking for. Unlike some recruiters who only care about successful placement, Ryan cares about his clients and what his clients want is always his priority. Overall, I am very happy with  my career move which Ryan assists to make it happen and I would highly recommend him to everyone.”

  • Testimonial 4

    “Jinto is one of the best talents for head hunting in Middle East region. He is hardworking and dedicated to his profession.”

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