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For over 20 years Talascend International have been one of the most reliable and effective providers of Manpower Services within the Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Power, Automotive, Manufacturing and Civil & Infrastructure sectors worldwide. Our full range of Manpower Solutions include, Contract, Permanent (Direct Hire), Executive/Retained Search & Managed Solutions. For details of recent projects supported click the link below

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Candidates Testimonials 

  • "I have had the pleasure of working for Talascend in the Construction Environment. The rate they provided was competitive and the support staff friendly and professional. Their excellent service provided to big clients, directly translated into benefits for me employee.

    I will gladly work with Talascend should the opportunity present itself again."

  • Zeeshan is a highly knowledgeable and client-focused consultant. He is very passionate about what he does and considerably well-informed which sets him above the rest. 
    I got my recent contract through him. I have witnessed his strong communication and organisation skills. He has resolved many of my issues amicably and constructively. I continue to be impressed by both his Industry knowledge and his contacts in the Industry. 
    He exudes charm and is easy to get on with because of his outgoing personality. As such he is very much respected by his colleagues and his clients for his skills and his personality. I can honestly say it is a pleasure working with him. I have no hesitation in recommending Zeeshan and Talascend.

  • “Padmini, you have been punctual and eager to support and guide me through my application and interview stages, with close follow-up with both my side and the employer side , in a way that helped me to secure a job that fit my skill set and interests.” 

  • Working with Talascend since summer 2017 and I'm very happy with the choice that I've made. Always prompt responses to queries and paid on time.  Diego was both professional and proficient but also approachable and personable. I truly recommend it!"

                        - A. Fratila

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