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The driving forces behind the aggressive hiring patterns in Rail across some of Europes smaller countries

HS2, Cross Rail, TGV & SNCF are all rail phrases associated with the UK and France. There has been significant publicity around these countries and the level of investment made in high profile rail infrastructure projects. Whilst these highly populated territories are in the spotlight they are not alone in their dedication to improving their existing rail infrastructure. We explore the smaller European nations who’s current hiring patterns suggest significant attention on making major improvements to existing networks and facilities. 



According to LinkedIn only the UK, France and Germany have seen more talent movement in the Rail sector in the last 90 days. The country is heavily invested in multiple dimensions of improvement. There are 2 fleets of stock currently under production / about to be put into service both of which are electrical and fit for high speed tracks. The Netherlands received a 82.8million Euros grant from Brussels at the end of 2017 to support a number of ongoing infrastructure projects which a significant amount has been dedicated to rail systems improvements. In addition existing key projects such as the development of Amsterdam’s metro line and the new transport terminal at Utrecht are at the height of activity. With this and the opening of a direct route from London on Eurostar, the investment in the rail sector is greater than ever for the country, which is driving demand for talent to retain and improve the existing network. 



Switzerland is currently waiting on the outcome of a significant proposal to invest 10billion euros in railway infrastructure. The proposal includes in excess of 200 projects that would see improvements in networks and facilities across the country. However with this bill yet to be passed what is driving current talent movement? The reality is Switzerland has 74 railway companies in the country. It is an industry responsible for 30% of commuter travel in a region of high density. In addition it boasts a thriving trans-alp freight system and it’s network is directly connected to no fewer than 5 European countries. As a result it is a big industry with plenty of talent movement which based on current proposals could increase even further. 



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