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The Worlds Top Power Generation Assets

Following on from our overview of the plans to build a new nuclear power generation asset in Anglesey we have explored the biggest driving forces behind providing 7 billion people with electricity. Here is an overview of the worlds top 5 power generation assets:


1. Three Gorges Dam, China (22.5gw) 




Opened in 2012 after much delay the concrete and steel facility used enough steel to build 63 Eiffel towers and required the displacement of 1.3million people. It took 18 years to construct!


2. Itaipu Dam, Brazil & Paraguay (14gw) 




Initially hooked onto Paraguays power grid in March 1984, with Brazil following 5 months later. Built with the co-operation of both governments this asset also took 18 years to build at a cost of $18billion. 


3. Guri Dam, Venezuela (10.235gw) 





Opened in 1978 following 15 years of construction Guri Dam is the source of most of Venezuela’s electric power. The government plans to refurbish the dam to expand it’s operational life by 30 years. 


4. Tucurui Dam, Brazil (8.37gw) 





Ever seen the 1985 film ‘Emerald Forest’? This was actually a dramatisation of the dams construction which took place from 1975 to 1984. The project cost $5.5billion and was the first hydroelectric project on the River Amazon. Thousands were re-located and the dam eventually brought power to 13 million people. 


5. Bruce Nuclear Generating Station, Canada (6.81gw) 





With the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant in Japan currently shut down Bruce Nuclear Generating Station in Canada sneaks into the top five. Initially built from 1970 to 1987 the station won approval to bring all 8 nuclear reactors back online in 2013 following refurbishment. Based in Ontario the plant employs 3800 workers and is the largest employer in the region. 


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