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Why I love working for Talascend

Dan Brokenshire has been with us since January 2016. In that time he has seen a lot of change in the company and industry, perhaps highlighted by the UK MBO last year. He is very open about how much he enjoys the company and we asked him for a brief explanation via the questions below:


What are the 3 best things about working for Talascend?


  1. The People - Like with any industry you can get a real mix of personalities at Recruitment companies which isn’t always a good thing. There is a real down to earth feel about Talascend and that makes it easy to get on with everyone. 
  2. Being part of an SME - This gives you a great opportunity to actually influence / effect change.  Our MD certainly consults us on many decisions and it helps make you feel genuinely part of something. 
  3. The projects I work on - Given the market I operate in I get exposure to some of the most iconic infrastructure projects both in the UK and Overseas. You’d be surprised how much this helps you in your personal life by having such strong knowledge around highly talked about subjects!


What attracted you to Talascend?


  1. The culture
  2. Their Story
  3. The opportunity for progression


All of the above were equally important and have not disappointed. I have a progressive career in a company that values my well being and is delivering on the plan they laid out to me. 


What are the things you are excited about for the future of Talascend?


  1. Further expansion of the recruitment teams in London & Manchester - We have some really strong whitespace in our existing markets so there is a real opportunity to grow our teams and anyone that joins will inherit some high potential remits. 
  2. Growth into new sectors - these have already been up for discussion and there are some very clear paths for growth in sectors that compliment our existing presence. 
  3. Investment in technology - the company is adapting to the changing behaviour of our target audiences and we are set up to deliver in the best possible way through technology


So any joiners know how to interact with you what are your favourite things outside of work?


  1. Manchester United
  2. Family
  3. Friends
  4. Attempting to make it as a professional footballer by playing 5 a side badly on a regular basis!


And yes in that order! My wife would have city top so she will understand!